Musings of My Children 3

I’ve decided that children have to be the most hilarious creatures on the planet.  Here are some of the funny things my kids have said to me this weekend alone:


Me: Would you like a grilled cheese for lunch?

Middle Child: I don’t want girl cheese, Mom, I want boy cheese.



Oldest Child: Mom, did you toot or are you making stinky food again?



Me: Hey buddy, do you know why we celebrate Thanksgiving?

Middle Child:  No, I don’t, but I’m thankful for my Batman blankie.



Oldest Child: Mom, Mrs. Sam asked me what you and Daddy do for jobs.  I told her that basically you make people happy, and Daddy knows a lot about God.



Middle Child: Mom, Minions don’t have wieners.  They only have butts.



Oldest Child (after tasting some pumpkin cookies I made): Mom, these are so good!  How did you make these so good?  You usually don’t cook this good.



Middle Child: If I yawn 5 times, I’m not tired.  If I yawn 7 times, then I am.



So there you have it.  That’s pretty much our family in a nutshell.  If you find yourself craving girl cheese, or even boy cheese, and pumpkin cookies, come on over.  We’ll snuggle you with our super hero blankies until sleepiness overcomes us, smother you with happiness, and teach you about God.  But beware: toots may linger.

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