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My mother-in-law once told me that my husband was the kind of kid that asked a ton of questions. Oldest child is cut from the same cloth as his daddy, so I’ve been bracing myself for the stream of consciousness of curiosity from our little boy.

Alas, at just 5 years old, the questioning has begun. Today’s musings as follows:

What would happen if you drank your own pee?

Why are all of the bugs in this book drawn with only four legs if this book is called Insects?

Why is there evil in the world? And does God love people who are evil?

Why is it harder to make good choices when I have feelings?

I have a sensitive nose; could I be part dog? Or maybe I’ve got dino DNA?

Holy moly! What a day we’ve had! And quite frankly, I’m not really sure who is the teacher and who is the student. Not only have his questions added some interest to my Google search history, but they’ve also made me think deeply about my convictions and character while giving me a point of connection to our Bub. In that way, fielding the constant questions is exhausting at times, but it’s also pretty much the best thing ever.

My favorite line of questions came right as he was drifting off to sleep for the night.

Is it possible to be scared and brave at the same time?

Yes, sweet boy. Yes. Being brave means you are scared to do something, and you do it anyway.

Are you ever brave, Mom?

I’m brave because of you, Love.

Brave because of you.


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