I’ve decided that children have to be the most hilarious creatures on the planet.  Here are some of the funny things my kids have said to me this weekend alone:   Me: Would you like a grilled cheese for lunch? Middle Child: I don’t want girl cheese, Mom, I want boy […]

Musings of My Children

I really don’t know much at all, but I do know this: grief is awful.  It’s complex, and messy, and confusing, and gut-wrenching.  And worst of all, it’s certain.  Death and taxes certain. We spend our whole lives trying to acquire: acquire things, acquire relationships, acquire success, acquire memories.  So, […]

Death and Taxes

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I vividly remember that day three and a half years ago. I was pregnant with you, Middle Child, and I met a group of my friends from church at the nail spa across the street. We all got pedicures to ready us for the summer season, and we chatted about […]

To My Boys

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Dear Sweet Sister, Since the day you were born, there’s a question that’s commonly asked of me… Is it different having a girl? I think I know what people are asking, so I answer accordingly. I tell them how fun it is to dress you in clothes that are designed […]

Dear Sweet Sister

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Over the past 6 months, Oldest child has been obsessed with learning about poisonous spiders. We have spent many hours on YouTube and Google studying the top ten dangerous spiders of the world, and the library would probably consider us the modern version of the Addams Family if it reviewed […]

May Well Prefer To…

On Monday morning, I had one of my rants. Call it a meltdown, a word-vomit, a projection, whatever… It’s all the same to me and totally familiar too; I’m averaging a rant every two weeks, and I’m reaching at least category three status on the hurricane rating scale. I was […]

The Ultimate Empath

Recently I had a conversation with my sisters about our greatest fears. Fears about how we fail. Fears about how we live. Fears about how we’re perceived. Fears about being women, wives, and mothers in this world. I consider myself a fearful person. I’ve got anxiety, concern, and worry written […]

Already and Not Yet

At the risk of sounding like a complete wack-a-doo, coo-coo ca-choo, here goes nothing…I have voices in my head. Not literal voices, but thought processes that I call voices. And if that doesn’t sound “spirited” enough for you, let me tell you this…I have names for them. It’s really not […]

Voices in my Head

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For me, the play date is a funny thing. I grew up at a time where playing with a friend was just a Swatch Watch phone call and a few blocks on my Rollerblades away. Therefore, I find it odd to set up a time for my kids to play […]

The Normal Play Date